Provost's Task Force on Pedagogical Innovation

Provost's Task Force on Pedagogical Innovation:

Positioning the UofG as a Leader in Teaching and Learning Post-COVID

The University of Guelph takes pride in providing exceptional learning experiences for our students. In the "Inspiring Learning and Inquiry" theme of our strategic framework, we commit to meeting learners' changing needs using evidence-based practices and new technologies. Our 2019 Teaching and Learning Strategic Plan addresses our intention to support student learning through inclusive, flexible and evidence-informed instructional practices. The Plan articulates six goals, including developing our leadership in teaching and learning, and innovating spaces and technologies to enhance teaching and learning.

Despite our long history of pedagogical innovation and the priority we place on this area, the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 brought unprecedented change to our teaching practices when we had to shift almost entirely to technologically mediated remote course delivery. This has been very challenging. At the same time, it has been a period of rich learning for instructors and students alike. We have experienced the limitations and drawbacks of online learning, but we have also experienced benefits it can bring.

As we look towards 2021 and a gradual return to more on-campus activity, we look forward to resuming face-to-face teaching as a regular activity. But we also know that the COVID-19 experience will bring lasting change to how instructors want to teach, how students want to learn, and what society expects a university education will look like. To continue to achieve our aspirations for leadership in post-secondary teaching and learning, we need to engage in deep discussions and consultation within and beyond our community to consider what we want the U of G learning experience to look like in the future. I am therefore striking a Provost's Task Force to deliberate on these issues over the coming months and chart our path into the post-COVID world.



To position U of G as a continued leader in post-secondary education in the Post-COVID environment by:

  • Identifying 3-5 teaching and learning models, approaches, or initiatives that could be incubated and grown within the range of diverse pedagogical approaches used at the University, and
  • Developing plans to promote and support implementation of some of these approaches.




  • Dr. Gwen Chapman, Provost and Vice-President (Academic)


  • Dr. Cate Dewey, Associate Vice-President (Academic)
  • Dr. Martin Williams, Director, Office of Teaching and Learning


  • Yoonhee Lee, Learning & Curriculum Support Librarian


  • Lisa Kazuhara, undergraduate student, CBS
  • Sean Mitchell, undergraduate student, OAC
  • Tyler Poirier, undergraduate student, CSAHS
  • Christine Dulal-Whiteway, graduate student, OAC
  • Justine Hobbins, graduate student, CBS


  • Jacqueline Hamilton, Senior Manager, Learning, Assessment, and Accreditation, LANG
  • Craig Hyatt, Analyst, Computing and Communications Services
  • Dr. Melissa Tanti, Community Engaged Learning Coordinator, Community Engaged Scholarship Institute, CSAHS
  • Michelle Fach, Executive Director, Open Learning and Educational Support
  • Barry Praamsma-Townshend, Manager, Accessibility Services, Student Wellness
  • Dr. Dale Lackeyram, Associate Director, Office of Teaching and Learning
  • Indira Naidoo-Harris, Associate Vice-President, Diversity and Human Rights


  • Dr. Shoshanah Jacobs, Integrative Biology, CBS
  • Dr. John Dawson, Molecular and Cellular Biology, CBS
  • Dr. Soha Eid Moussa, School of Engineering, CEPS
  • Dr. Gerarda Darlington, Interim Dean, CEPS
  • Dr. Mark Lipton, School of English and Theatre Studies, COA
  • Dr. Brittany Luby, History, COA
  • Dr. Kimberley Martin, History, COA
  • Dr. Ian Spears, Political Science, CSAHS
  • Dr. Byron Sheldrick, Acting Dean, CSAHS
  • Dr. Ruben Burga, Management, LANG
  • Dr. Jon Warland, Associate Dean Academic, OAC
  • Dr. W. Glen Pyle, Biomedical Science, OVC
  • Dr. Fiona James, Clinical Studies, OVC
  • Dr. David Danto, Psychology, Guelph-Humber
  • Dr. Simon LaChance, Assistant Dean Academic, Ridgetown Campus

Staff Support

  • Dr. Sara Fulmer, Educational Developer, Office of Teaching & Learning